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Calendar and Events:

Upcoming Events:

Adult choir rehearsals:

Adult choir rehearsals begin Thursday, September 6th at 6:30pm.

Annual Events:

Service Club Rummage Sale:

The Belleville Service Clubs holds two annual events. The first one is a rummage sale which is held in the spring and the second is a flea market in the fall. The proceeds from this two events go to fund specific needs at the church. Watch the calendar below for more details or contact Sue Wolfendale at 978/462-7473 for more information.

Thrift Shop Clearance Sale:

The Thrift Shop Clearance Sale is a popular event where customers can load up a bag full of merchandise for only $5 per bag. Watch the above calendar for more details or contact Sue Wolfendale at ph: 978-465-7734 for more information.


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