Thursday, March 6, 2014 at 8 pm

Dervish band

Dervish are a traditional Irish music group from County Sligo, Ireland. Ever since Dervish hit the scene they have paved new roads, expanding the limits of what Irish/Celtic music can encompass. The band was originally formed to record an album of local music which was later released as "The Boys of Sligo". They later formed Dervish. The name was chosen as it relates to groups of spiritual people who are enraptured by music. Their rhythm section, made up of three musicians playing anything from mandolins to guitars in any given combination, serves as the harmonious canvas upon which the fiddle, wind, and accordion soar to roaring heights, topped by the delicate voice of Cathy Jordan.

Click here to listen to Dervish sing Red-Haired Mary!

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