David Davis & the Warrior River Boys

Friday, September 8, 2017

Picture of Warrior River Boys band

David Davis, a mandolin picker in the style of Bill Monroe, and the Warrior River Boys have been at the forefront of defining traditional bluegrass music to contemporary audiences for over 30 years. Davis is highly regarded in traditional bluegrass circles for his determination to keep the Bill Monroe style of mandolin playing alive in today's contemporary music scene. In 2010, he was inducted into the Alabama Bluegrass Hall of Fame. On September 3, 2017, just 5 days before our concert, he will be awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Traditional Country Music Association.

David Davis is from Alabama and continues a family tradition of singing and playing bluegrass music. In the 1930s, his father and two uncles played and sang in the style of "brother duets", a forerunner of bluegrass music as it is known today. Following World War II, David's uncle, Cleo, was in the first incarnation of the Bluegrass Boys, the backing band for Bill Monroe, the man who invented the sound of bluegrass music.

The Warrior River Boys are Robert Montgomery on banjo and vocals, Marty Hays on bass and vocals, Phillip James on fiddle and Stan Wilemon on guitar and vocals.

The band appears at dozens of bluegrass festivals and venues across the country each year, performing an outstanding style of hard-driving, traditional, entertaining bluegrass music. We are fortunate to have them appear on our stage! Take a listen for yourself!

For more info, check their website: http://daviddavisandwrb.com/.

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