NRBQ—The New Rhythm and Blues Quartet

Friday, November 18, 2016

Picture of NRBQ band

They're back by popular demand! Fewer bands have the devoted following of NRBQ.

Formed originally in Louisville, Ky in 1966, "The Q" are affectionately known for their foot-stomping originals and innovative interpretations of just about every form of American music. Careening from barrel-house blues and tuneful power pop to avant jazz and lovable goofball humor, Terry Adams and the band roll every ounce of heart, soul, energy into their wildly entertaining and invigorating shows. Fans of The Simpsons know NRBQ from their likeness and music featured in two seasons of the beloved TV show. The Q's cultish fan base includes artists ranging from Bonnie Raitt to Steve Earle, who have also covered the band's dynamic songs.

Come on down—The "Q" is in town!

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